10 New Year’s Resolutions Nutritionists Want You to Make

We all know we need to be eating better, but sometimes we don’t know what’s the best choice for our needs. Once we have an idea of what the best types of nutritional requirements are we can make informed choices to best benefit our bodies. Here are 10 great processes to help you keep on track and very positive way to start the New Year.

10 New Year’s Resolutions Nutritionists Want You to Make

6 Weird and Wonderful Superfood Trends for 2017

There’s always new trends for every year and 2017 is no different. We never know what they really are going to be, but this is a good guide of some good ones that are fairly hot. From Vegan styles to Watermelon water, this is a fun and interesting take on what could be the way to go and either way a healthy approach for the new year.

6 Weird and Wonderful Superfood Trends for 2017


Vietnamese Spring Roll with A Twist


Vietnamese Spring Roll with A Twist

Now if you’ve ever wanted to have something really refreshing and wasn’t sure what, then I have something really yummo for you.

My picture of Vietnamese Spring Roll with A Twist is really for those nice Summer days on a picnic in the park or down near the beach with family or with that special someone, you know who you are MT 🙂

This is sooo easy to make and quick. The hardest part is battling with the rice paper. This isn’t an original recipe by far but my “twist” on it.


Rice Paper Rolls




White Pepper


Cherry Tomatoes

Shredded Chicken or most use Prawns

Soy Sauce and Fish mixed together, with Chlli Flakes

(Special Ingredient) Ginger Slices

pickled ginger slices


Simply chop all of what is needed up as suits in the quantities you desire, based on how many people.

I suggest using 2 Rice Paper Rolls as they are thicker for when you roll up the ingredients. I found that only using one that it was too thin and fell apart. The worst thing was that I had to make another one, damn, and try again 🙂

Once rolled you can use the Soy and Fish Sauces with Chilli as a dipping sauce or drizzle a bit over the ingredients before wrapping, all up to you.

Have fun and hope you enjoy baaabeeeee 🙂

Weight Loss and Carbohydrates – The Real Story!

12072028585_6059a5510d_zImage courtesy of stadtbraut

There can be a lot of confusion on how carbohydrates (carbs) work in the process of weight loss and what effect they have on your body. I thought I would do a little write up on just how they effect the body and what to watch out for when consuming them.

The bottom line is that carbs are needed and they play an essential function to fuel the brain and various important organs like the kidneys. Your digestive system breaks it down into glucose then the pancreas creates insulin to move the glucose from the blood to the cells in your body. Learn how they effect you and make them work for you not against you.

To find out everything there is a full explanation here

I really suggest you know what you’re consuming, it could be the difference between good health, proper weight loss and YES, frustration!!!

Weight Loss and Carbs – No More Confusion


How To Bring Up Great Kids


If you have been wondering just how you are really going to bring up great kids, not just average or good but really great kids, then your prayers have been answered.

My personal friend Carolyn has over 20 years of practical experience helping countless parents with their child-rearing challenges with more than successful outcomes.

Now this is just one of the most amazing offers I have ever seen.

Carolyn is offering a FREE 20 minute phone call, yes that is correct, not a FREE book but a one on one personal phone call.

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You can’t get better than that.

Are you looking for answers to parenting challenges?

1.Are you starting your family and want to learn a solid approach to parenting?
2. Do you ever feel isolated or alone when making parenting decisions?
3. Do you feel challenged by your busy life and find it difficult to manage your routine?
4. Do you feel pressured to be the “perfect parent”?
5. Are your kids presenting daily problems such as eating and sleeping difficulties, talking back, fighting (sibling rivalry), etc.?
6. Is technology sucking the life out of your kids and your family time?

Carolyn can help you with all of this at  How To Bring Up Great Kids

Sign-up to schedule a private, free Parenting Success Strategy Session with me to see how I can provide support for you.

On this call with Carolyn, you’ll be able to:

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3. Find out more about Carolyn’s coaching programs and their benefits
4. Discuss options for developing a strategy that will give you more parenting success

So now you have one of best offers that I have ever seen, where else are you going to get a FREE consultation with a extremely experienced professional like Carolyn.

Go for it everyone and get started bringing up great kids like Carolyn did.

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13 Beneficial Probiotic Foods

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probioticsImage: Wikimedia

Although further research is still needed to sort out specific outcomes, dosages and strains of probiotics, a lot of benefits have already been shown. These include support to the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, prevent inflammation, boost immunity and alleviate conditions ranging from allergies to diarrhea.

When you hear the word probiotics, you may instantly relate it to yoghurt and supplements. However, there are many other kinds of food that are good sources of the healthy bacteria.

Check out:

13 Beneficial Probiotic Foods



25 Tips and Strategies for Men from Health Experts

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running in waterImage: Wikipedia

Do you find yourself reading about health tips for men online but can’t replicate their success in achieving ripped abs and a healthier lifestyle? Yes, you have tried intense workouts, gradual exercises and different diets but the results you want is still far from reality.

Fret not as this collection of strategies from health experts are collated to give you that ultimate secret in getting results. From nutritional basics, eating with purpose, planning ahead and many other effective guides, you will know that this list is worth applying.

See the big difference with these:


25 Tips and Strategies for Health and Fitness