Bringing Down Your Blood Pressure

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The good news about high blood pressure: You can usually get it under control.

In fact, with some lifestyle changes, you could be rid of it altogether. The very bad news: if it stays high, it can be life-threatening. The other bit of bad news is that you may have absolutely no idea you have it. Because until it becomes life-threatening, there are usually no symptoms at all.

 So, if you haven’t had your blood pressure checked in the past year, that’s your first order of health business.

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 Bringing Down Your Blood Pressure


Be Active…Take to the Hills!

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take to the hills


In another post, we talked about how interval training can build up your endurance, helping your heart to pump more efficiently.

When you’re ready to add a little variety—and challenge—to your workout, try some hill training when you hit the treadmill.

(And don’t forget to get your doctor’s OK before starting a new fitness program.)

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Be Active…Take to the Hills

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Ultimate Guide to Vinegar

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make your own vinegar


Perhaps reading about all these exciting kinds of vinegar has whetted your appetite to make some of your own. Experimenting with flavors can be fun, and it’s especially rewarding when you use your own vinegar in favorite dishes or give it as a gift.

You’ll want to get exact directions from your local brewing supply store or university extension service. Be sure the directions you follow are tested and researched for safety to avoid food-borne illness. Take a look at this rundown of the general process to make apple cider vinegar to see if you’re up to the task.

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Ultimate Guide To Vinegar

Image: julia.stewart40