The 10 Most Germiest Places in the Office

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The 10 Most Germiest Places in the Office

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What To Eat Now: Apples

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There are many reasons to celebrate the beginning of autumn: beautiful foliage, kids back in school
(okay, not everyone finds that a reason to celebrate), and, last but not least, a bumper crop of juicy and delicious 

Apples are a staple of dessert and breakfast, but if you ignore their possibilities in savory dishes, you’re also denying yourself the whole range of flavors these fruits impart. The sweet crunch of apples pairs beautifully with roasted pork, as most of us know.

Perhaps more unexpectedly, though, apples also taste great alongside kale and mustard in an autumn salad, and with a salmon plate spiked with fennel.

Whether you choose to include apples in a main dish or as part of a sweet treat to finish the meal, the fruit’s wide range of flavors and textures will give you plenty of options. And with more than 100 varieties widely available in the U.S., you’ll even be able to make the same recipe again and again with different apples each time.

And that’s an idea worth celebrating.

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autumn apples



All Natural Sleep Remedies

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Searching for all-natural sleep home treatment options? Or perhaps, prescription free sleep aids?

Would you like to have a good night’s sleep?

Well, you have arrived at just the right place! Essential oils can help you unwind before you head off to bed, get a great night’s sleep as well as reduce and sometimes stop loud snoring!

So, what are best oils for calming the mind and improving sleep cycles?

Below are the top Essential oils for improving your sleep, but they have to be a top quality, therapeutic grade essential oil (a great brand is Young Living Essential Oils)

• Lavender Essential Oil
• Valerian Essential Oil
• Vetiver Essential Oil
• Roman Chamomile Essential Oil
• Sandalwood Essential Oil
• Marjoram Essential Oil

Here are some other oil tips to fall asleep with:

• Take a relaxing bath before bed with Epsom salts and your favorite calming oil
• Place several drops of oil on your feet or your palms
• Diffuse oil throughout the room


Image: RelaxingMusic 









Image: RelaxingMusic