Pizza Is For Adults!

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adult pizza


You wear jellies un-ironically. You take the trampoline class at your local gym. You still cry over Shel Silverstein.

Congratulations: Your inner child is totally running free.

But if you’d rather not have the culinary taste of a 6-year-old, maybe it’s time to quit it with the boring cheese-and-pepperoni creations. Check out this video for five surprising ways to make pizza–and behold as a slice of pear and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar turn a childhood staple into a grown-up affair.

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Five New Ways To Make Pizza

Image: Nate Steiner 

Hair loss and Men

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bald man


Are you starting to notice just a little less on top? Is your hairline slowly slipping further back?

You aren’t alone. Hair loss is a common issue but for some reason, people just don’t like to talk about it. But, there are things you need to know.

Hair is a very important part of the body and has many benefits and uses. Most doctors have been asked about hair loss at some point. Losing a little bit of hair is actually very normal and we do lose some everyday at about 100 – 150 strands a day, it’s the big amounts that causes baldness and that is what we all want to avoid.

There are many reasons for hair loss and they can range from stress, medical treatment, illness, and even over processing of the hair.

Most of the time hair loss is not related to any diseases, it is from normal reasons like being hereditary or genetics, or even just getting old. But there is not just one cause, as some think. As you get older it is common to see your hair thinning a bit, but that tends to happen much later in life, unless you have a family history of baldness.

Baldness can also be caused from medications and also thyroid issues and anemia. Basically hair loss is a condition that effects many of us, regardless of age. While hair loss was more prevalent with older generations, the issue has always been there. These days, while it may seem like more young people, some even in their 20’s, are suddenly losing their hair, there has not been an actual increase. We just happen to have more technolgy which keeps us in closer contact with people all across the globe. There isn’t more baldness, we just hear about it more.

When many men first start to see a hair loss pattern developing, it tends to start on top and towards the back of the head or only on the sides or even complete baldness may happen. This is known as androgenic or androgenic alopecia and is known as male-pattern baldness or female-pattern baldness. This pattern starts growing with the increase in age. Mainly such types of hair loss occur due to the hormone called testosterone. Testosterone gets converted to Dihydrotestosterone or DHT and the follicles respond to this and follicles get affected at varied times.

There are 3 medications that are known to be reliable when it comes to slowing down the hair loss rate and these are Minoxidill, Avodart and Porpecia. These are really for maintaining the amount of hair as opposed to regrowth so it might be of use to start with. The most important thing to realize is that hair loss is normal but in more extreme situations it is hereditary or caused by medications and from certain stages in your life. I hope this article has helped give you more information on how you lose hair and what you can do to care for it.

For more information check out our partner Emerging Health Care Solutions or go to WebMD as they have a wealth of information on all sorts of topics.

 Image credit: M-Head