Extra Sugar Increases Risk of Heart Disease

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The averge person has about 110 grams of sugar per day in Australia.The average diet for people contains way to much sugar but most people don’t know that the foods they have contain so much sugar.

In Australia a standard can of  Sprite or Coke contains about 40grams of sugar per can. There are so many people walking around not knowing that they could be suffering from the early stages of heart disease as they are overdosing on sugar. If you have 3 cans of Coke per day, you are already overdosing.

The worst thing is that they don’t know that they are causing problems for themselves and the disease to gets more and more worse by the day.

With all the knowledge bases online these days so many of us still  don’t know what is happening. We should all have a read and learn more as to the dangers as it’s in the press all the time. This is a good study Healthy Eating Index

Extra Sugar Increases Risk of Heart Disease

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