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Back on May 31st 2013 I did my first post on Health Recipes Fitness HRF, and this little baby was born and this was it here: Live A Healthier And Happier Life With These Fitness Hints.

Little did I know that I would be still going. Now look at it. I love to post info about health, recipes and fitness, and as you may see I’m not trying to make a living from the website as I only have Google ads. I truly want to pass on good information to people and hope they get honest genuine tips and tricks. What I’ve decided to do is bring out my new book soon on how YOU, ME, ANYONE can get on the path to fitness and good health, and that it can be an enjoyable experience. I’ll be doing a post here shortly once it’s done and I’ll put an optin box on the right so you can get it for FREE for all my visitors and on my Facebook page for all my followers.

It’s a good honest process on how it can be done, you could even give it to those that think that exercise and fitness and having a happier life through fitness and a healthier lifestyle can’t be done. It might just change their opinion once they read it. Hope you like it and Happy Birthday HRF…well soon to be anyway 🙂 Love your comments and be sure to like my HRF Facebook Page.

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How To Bring Up Great Kids


If you have been wondering just how you are really going to bring up great kids, not just average or good but really great kids, then your prayers have been answered.

My personal friend Carolyn has over 20 years of practical experience helping countless parents with their child-rearing challenges with more than successful outcomes.

Now this is just one of the most amazing offers I have ever seen.

Carolyn is offering a FREE 20 minute phone call, yes that is correct, not a FREE book but a one on one personal phone call.

For all my visitors from other parts of the world, I’m sure Carolyn may be still able to help you though by using email so still get in touch with her.

You can’t get better than that.

Are you looking for answers to parenting challenges?

1.Are you starting your family and want to learn a solid approach to parenting?
2. Do you ever feel isolated or alone when making parenting decisions?
3. Do you feel challenged by your busy life and find it difficult to manage your routine?
4. Do you feel pressured to be the “perfect parent”?
5. Are your kids presenting daily problems such as eating and sleeping difficulties, talking back, fighting (sibling rivalry), etc.?
6. Is technology sucking the life out of your kids and your family time?

Carolyn can help you with all of this at  How To Bring Up Great Kids

Sign-up to schedule a private, free Parenting Success Strategy Session with me to see how I can provide support for you.

On this call with Carolyn, you’ll be able to:

1. Talk in confidence about concerns you’re having in your parenting
2. Learn about ways you can make changes that will help you become a more effective parent
3. Find out more about Carolyn’s coaching programs and their benefits
4. Discuss options for developing a strategy that will give you more parenting success

So now you have one of best offers that I have ever seen, where else are you going to get a FREE consultation with a extremely experienced professional like Carolyn.

Go for it everyone and get started bringing up great kids like Carolyn did.

Best regards always.


Nutrition for Mom & Baby

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The Nutrition You Need: Baby Bump Edition

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Get Your Kids Cooking!

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Get Cooking with Kids!

by greatbritishchefs.
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Get a Better After Baby Body

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after baby body workout


It’s not going to prevent your nights without sleep, yet this no-fuss workout program designed just for new mothers is actually proven to help you drop the baby weight plus trim your middle in a single month. How awesome is that?

How It Works
To create an easy,yet super-effective workout along with a diet plan designed for getting your best after baby body, Fitness magazine teamed up with Parents magazine. You’re going to be astonished at final results this particular regimen is capable of despite the fact that you happen to be executing each and every move in your bare feet. Evaluators, which had children from 2 months to almost 2 years old, shed an average of 1 1/4 inches from their waists in just one month.

Once your healthcare practitioner says it is okay for you to start working out, you should do this workout two times a week and strive for 3 cardio workouts a week.

You don’t have to worry about being asked to use your precious newborn as a weight, this workout calls for a set of 3 to 5 pound dumbbells and you can let your baby nap.

While the babes snooze, you can lose lose!


Image: Tina Sbrigato