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Back on May 31st 2013 I did my first post on Health Recipes Fitness HRF, and this little baby was born and this was it here: Live A Healthier And Happier Life With These Fitness Hints.

Little did I know that I would be still going. Now look at it. I love to post info about health, recipes and fitness, and as you may see I’m not trying to make a living from the website as I only have Google ads. I truly want to pass on good information to people and hope they get honest genuine tips and tricks. What I’ve decided to do is bring out my new book soon on how YOU, ME, ANYONE can get on the path to fitness and good health, and that it can be an enjoyable experience. I’ll be doing a post here shortly once it’s done and I’ll put an optin box on the right so you can get it for FREE for all my visitors and on my Facebook page for all my followers.

It’s a good honest process on how it can be done, you could even give it to those that think that exercise and fitness and having a happier life through fitness and a healthier lifestyle can’t be done. It might just change their opinion once they read it. Hope you like it and Happy Birthday HRF…well soon to be anyway 🙂 Love your comments and be sure to like my HRF Facebook Page.

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Top 10 Teas

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peppermint-tea-1109_640Image: PixaBay

One of the comfort drinks we prepare whenever we get sick is a cup of tea. That’s why it is important to stock our herbal medicine cabinet with all kinds of teas and herbs. Besides its health benefits, drinking tea also give us a way to relax and rejuvenate from the stress of the daily grind.

There are plenty of herbs around the world with great medicinal properties but these top 10 teas are chosen based on their popularity in that they can easily be acquired.

Did your favorite tea made it to the list? Check it out today:

Top 10 Teas for Your Herbal Cabinet



Heal Yourself with Yoga Exercises

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Yoga_Class_at_a_GymImage: Wikipedia

When modern medicine do not give results as expected, it is time to try alternatives which are not only effective in healing but does not come with side effects too. One great example is yoga which have been known to lessen depression and anxiety as well as reduce stress levels.

In addition to that, there have been many cases where individuals suffering from IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) have been healed by practicing yoga exercise regularly.

Doctor prescribed medicine did not seem to have any effects but when they started doing yoga, they felt better as their digestive system seemed to reach a balance. If you are suffering from the conditions above and would want to try yoga as an alternative medicine, read this great resource:

Yoga as an Effective Cure to Heal Yourself

10 Home Remedies You Already Have

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The only thing better than home remedies, is a home remedy you already have at home.

Here is a collection of everyday products, most people have at home right now, that can do double duty.

Many of these are really surprising – I had no idea chocolate could that!

Check them out here….

 10 Home Remedies You Already Have

 Image: jules