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You know that saying, ‘you are what you eat?’ Well, it is true, but in more ways than you think. Aside form the multitude of ways that eating healthy can impact your overall health and wellness, what you eat can and does really make a difference in the health of your skin and its appearance.

So, what foods have the biggest impact on your complexion? We have listed them here, so make sure these get on your next shopping list.  

butternut squash

Image: VancityAllie .com

Butternut squash

This tasty marvel has high levels of beta-carotene and is one of the very best sources of vitamin A. Beta-carotene repairs skin cells. But, taking a supplement just won’t cut it. Studies have shown that in order for you to actually get the benefits of Beta-carotene you need to eat it. To cook, simply wash the squash cut in half scoop out the seeds and bake it cut side down, eat and enjoy!


Lycopene is found in only a few foods, one of which is Tomatoes that lycopene is proven to repair skin damage caused by the sun and can help protect your skin from further damage as well. In order to get the best benefit, cook your tomatoes, that will concentrate the lycopene. Lycopene is also found in watermelons, but you would need to eat a really large amount of watermelon.



While most people know beets are chock full of vitamins A and C, not many people know that there are even more in the green tops that usually get tossed. If you want to boost collagen production, you need to eat the greens too. Saute them, add them to soups or just add them to sandwiches or salads.


Two for Tea? Why not, Tea is high in antioxidants and contains flavonoids that combat disease. They also happen to be great for your skin and studies show that daily tea drinking will reduce wrinkles. Tea does hydrate you, but make sure you re getting white, green, or black teas rather than blends like chamomile or chai, which are just meant to relax or soothe.


Acne issues? Quinoa is very high in protein which can stabilize blood sugar, which in turn can help reduce acne breakouts. Buy it pre-washed when you can, that will lessen the slightly bitter taste that it naturally has. Cook and use just like you would rice.