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Sugar in glass bowl


There is mounting evidence showing the effects on you body from sugar is very detrimental and that it can cause heart disease and cancer. Considering that sugar is in just about all the food we eat it,  is almost a bit too not coincidental that just about someone or some one we know has had cancer or had cancer.

We are what we eat and if we have to much of one thing it can be dangerous to our health like anything but sugar is in just about all foods so how do we stop all that.

The one thing that we really need to be careful of is high fructose corn syrup. It is basically the same as normal sugar. There has been some new evidence come to light that shows that sugar blocks our arteries and that cancer cells can grow from sugars impact. To get the full story from the PHD’s, MD’s and Neuroscience doctors have a look at the evidence and make up your mind.

There is definitely one thing that I will be doing and that is limiting as much sugar into my diet as humanly possible.

Is Sugar Toxic 


Caution: How Much Sugar Are Ingesting