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Stress Relief Techniques To Reduce Stress Instantly

When hectic lifestyle gets you down, most experts will recommend stress relief techniques as an important component of a healthy lifestyle.

These techniques have been shown to get you back into balance — some in just a couple of minutes.

Errands, kids, work all have a way of creating a hectic pace and sometimes it seems like everything just must be done all at the same time, leaving you frazzled and exhausted. With that kind of schedule is it any wonder that you can’t find a minute to relax? In fact, if you’re like most people, women especially, you may have even forgotten how to relax.

Even though experts say that some stress is good for you — it can sharpen your senses and your mind — too much stress is bad for your mental and physical health. At the same time, stress relief techniques can do wonders to restore balance in your life — and may even reduce some of the health risks associated with stress. Making the switch to a more healthy lifestyle, can be challenging, but don’t you owe to yourself and those around you to do what you can do be healthy?

Here are few stress relief techniques that you can use — any time and almost anywhere — to reduce the stress and tension in your life.

Stress Relief Techniques – Meditate

If you’re thinking that all meditation means twisting your body into an uncomfortable positions and chanting or humming for an hour, guess again. Any repetitive action can be a source of meditation. This includes walking, swimming, painting, knitting — any activity that helps keep your attention calmly in the present moment.

When you catch yourself thinking about your job, your relationship or your lifelong to-do list, let the thought escape, and bring your mind back the repetition of the activity. Try it for just 5 to 10 minutes a day and watch stress levels drop with this stress relief techniques.

Stress Relief Techniques – Visualization

Is your mind just spinning too much to meditate? Then try creating a peaceful visualization. To start this type of stress relief techniques, simply visualize anything that keeps your thoughts away from current tensions. It could be a favorite vacation spot, a fantasy island, that penthouse in New York City — or something like the feel of your favorite silk robe or cozy sweater.

The idea is to take your mind off your stress, and replace it with an image that evokes a sense of calm. The more realistic your daydream — in terms of colors, sights, sounds; even touch and feel — the more relaxation you’ll experience.

Stress Relief Techniques – Take a Deep Breath

Feeling stressed evokes tense, shallow breathing, while calm is associated with relaxed breathing. So to turn tension into relaxation, just change the way you breathe.

Example: Let out a big sigh, dropping your chest, and exhaling through gently pursed lips. Then imagine your lower belly, or center, as a deep, powerful place. Feel your breath coming and going as your mind stays focused there. Inhale, feeling your entire belly, sides and lower back expand. Exhale, sighing again as you drop your chest, and feeling your belly, back and sides contract. Repeat 10 times, relaxing more fully each time.

With these quick and easy stress relief techniques, you can take back your life and start enjoying it again, by just taking a minute.