Kate Middleton Seen Shopping and Sporting Skinny Jeans

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nursing newborn


Now, before you start commenting that this is a health blog- not a gossip blog, hear me out first,

this is going to be about health, we are just using the fabulous Kate to prove a point.

First off, hats off to you Kate! Having a baby, especially as a first time mom,

is hard, even if you have a lot of help. It would seem to me that it would be even harder if you are in the public eye. So on that note, let’s get down to business!

The rumor is that she is using a combination of breastfeeding and Yoga to get her pre- baby body back. Breastfeeding is always best for not just baby, but mom too, and it does have a lovely side affect of using a lot of calories, a whopping extra 500 or so a day is needed in order to feed baby, so go on ahead and have that piece of chocolate cake if you like, you have earned it.

Yoga, is also well-liked and proven as a tool to not only get back in shape but to help post partum moms cope with the stresses that come along with that precious little bundle of joy.

All under the supervision and with the permission of your doctor of course.

Right after having a baby is not the time to be counting calories or trying to lose weight. Your body has performed quite an amazing feat for the last 10 months and deserves a little time to rest and right itself.

IF you are breastfeeding- Good for you! Your are giving your baby the best start possible and this time will be some of the most precious memories you will ever have.

Use exercise as a way to Feel Better- not to get thinner. That will come with time.

Right now should be about you and baby.

So, for those of you who want to know more about Princess Kate you can read this amazing article from the Today show.

If you are more interested in Post Pregnancy Yoga check out this great post

 Here is the link....

Yoga for Post Pregnancy

Image: Raphael Goetter


Bootcamp Calorie Burn – Workout Video – ExerciseTV

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Work Out Like A Wolverine


Did you know that by adding in just 15 minutes a day of exercise to your normal daily routine, you will add 3 years to your life? Its true and so easy to do!

You can hop on one leg or take a walk or even just dance around.

Even though you could go the easy, fun route, sometimes you really need to kick it into high gear! Check out this exercise routine that will really get you going and really burns calories!

Here is the link;

Bootcamp Calorie Burn – Workout Video – ExerciseTV


Your Complete Guide To Calories

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The Complete Guide to Calories


I have been looking for something that explains how calories are calculated and how important it is to understand them for you, and I finally found it.

There are so many ways to explain it but this simple and easy way is the best and it will really help you.

Once we know how to calculate the calories that we need and need to stay away from, we know how much we need and what we need to eat.

Here is the link and a cool pic or (infographic) to enjoy…

Your Complete Guide To Calories

Image credit: The Greatist