Coconut Chia Pudding with Raspberries and Dark Chocolate

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Image courtesy EcoSalon

Image courtesy EcoSalon

Being obsessed with finding recipes that are healthy and delicious, lead me to discover nature’s little magic seed- the Chia!

You can put these in anything, and I do mean anything. If you put them in a liquid and become a bit like jello.

Or you could just head on over and try out this amazingly simple and yes, healthy desert!

Psst- don’t tell anyone what is it, they probably won’t believe you anyway!

Coconut Chia Pudding with Raspberries and Dark Chocolate


Live A Healthier And Happier Life With These Fitness Hints

Image credit: Hotel de la Paix Geneve

People usually have various opinions with regard to the composition of a nutritional program that is well-balanced and effective. This piece offers great insight, tips and information that can be used right away.

If you want to eat less meat, but are worried about not getting enough protein, you can substitute with legumes and beans. Black beans work well in Cuban meals or you can replace taco meat with seasoned lentils. You can use beans in soups, burritos, tacos and other items to boost fiber content without using meat.

TIP! Try different ethnic foods. To avoid boredom, try a variety of foods from other countries.

If you are craving some chocolate, opt for dark chocolate. Dark chocolate isn’t the most healthy of foods, but it does contain antioxidants that make it at least somewhat of a healthy choice.

Include foods that are rich in Vitamins A and C in your diet. Vitamin A and C are very important for nutrition, functioning in the body as antioxidants. Antioxidants prevent free radicals from running amok, which reduces the chance that you will contract certain serious diseases. You will find vitamin A in certain meats, orange and dark green vegetables. Vitamin C can be found in lots of fruits and vegetables, particularly the citrus fruits.

Do you wish to cut down on red meat? If you want to, use it as a type of condiment. This can be used for adding some extra texture and flavor to your vegetables or grain. This is normal in many cultures that have a lower rate of heart disease.

Drinking Fruit

Buy fruit juices if you’re not into preparing raw vegetables and fruits. By drinking fruit juices, you get your daily supply of minerals and vitamins without the hassle of preparing your fruits and veggies. You should use a straw when drinking fruit juice because it can cause tooth decay.

Don’t eat larger quantities of food just because the food you are eating is healthy. You have to take into account the size of your portions and keep them at a healthy level when starting a weight loss diet. If you eat larger portions than you should, your caloric intake will be higher, too.

TIP! Improving one’s nutritional standing is as simple as preparing meals at home. You can eliminate a lot of fat by boiling and steaming food, as opposed to deep frying with butter and grease.

As previously mentioned, it is not always easy to locate good information with regard to nutrition. However, using the tips from this article as part of your own plan will put you on the right nutritional path.

Healthy Butternut Squash Soup Recipe

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Butternut Squash Soup Recipe

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Drop a Dress Size in 2 Weeks!

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Let’s say someone told you that you could work out for only 8 minutes and it would be just as effective as working out for 30 minutes?

You would probably think we are nuts! We may be, but you really can cram 30 minutes of exercise into just 8 minutes.


The trick is interval training. Check out these awesome routines that range from 8 to 20 minutes.

In just 2 weeks you will see a difference!

Now click the link and get started!

 Quick Calorie-Burning Interval Workouts

Image: UrbaneWomenMag

10 Home Remedies You Already Have

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The only thing better than home remedies, is a home remedy you already have at home.

Here is a collection of everyday products, most people have at home right now, that can do double duty.

Many of these are really surprising – I had no idea chocolate could that!

Check them out here….

 10 Home Remedies You Already Have

 Image: jules