Peanut Butter and Berry Smoothie

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You probably have never had peanut butter like this! No guilt, just good taste and a nice, healthy kick of protein!

Blend in fresh fruit for a smooth shake that’s berry delicious. So, Start your day off right or take a minute to enjoy a mid-afternoon snack packed with goodies to keep you moving the rest of the day.

This is sure to become a favorite!

Here is the recipe…….

Peanut Butter and Berry Smoothie







10 Ways Being Active Helps Your Heart

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We know, that you know that living an active life is good for your ticker.

But do you really know why exercise is such a powerful heart-disease protector?

Be active, and see all that you’ll reap

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10 Ways Being Active Helps Your Heart

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Healthy Eating Your Way

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Fettucini alfredo


Eating Healthy shouldn’t be difficult or expensive.

Or boring! Pasta? Why Not? Fried Chicken? Bring it!

We have tracked down the best healthy versions of everyone’s favorite foods!

Without sacrificing taste!

Time to amazing your family with a healthy dish they will love!

Here is the link for this amazing recipe..


Healthy Eating Your Way

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Obesity Is Coming To Get You, Will YOU Let It Get You?



There is a very serious issue dramatically affecting many people all over the world and we know it as obesity. I really wanted to share this with everyone and it’s in relation to how the world keeps getting more and more obese.

There is one thing that I want to ask you. Do you know what makes people obese? More importantly, do you know how to stop becoming obese yourself ?

Presently there is so much global concern regarding this epidemic that the question has to be asked what are we really doing about it. We don’t have a full and healthy alternative as yet but things are always being developed. I hope we can all provide alternatives that maybe able to assist us all in combating the effects of obesity, but we are the ones that need to control it. Stay tuned and keep as healthy as you can is the best medicine.

Check this article out for more facts on what is happening. Fat Or Not Fat, That Is The Question