Who’s Fitter, You OR the Average Guy?

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I found a really good way to find out if you are as fit as you think you are. We all think we are pretty fit but this will really tell you if you are or not.

The Cooper 12-minute Run Test is the benchmark for if you really are fit or not. You will do a 12 minute running test and at the end of that you will be scored.

If you think you are fit then see just how much you really are compared to the normal joe out there.

Here is the link…

Who’s Fitter, You OR the Average Guy?

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20 Top Fitness Trends for 2017 That Gets You Pumping



There’s some really exciting trends for 2017 as well as the some good old ones that will always be with us. Here’s  a list of things to look forward to. The No.1 will most likely be no surprise to everyone and that’s Wearable Technology. The (ACSM) or American College of Sports Medicine surveyed more than 1,800 health and fitness professionals worldwide to get these results.


20 Top Fitness Trends for 2017 That Gets You Pumping


Healthy Soup Recipes To Make This Winter


Healthy Soup Recipes to Make This Winter

Healthy Soup Recipes for making this “Winter Soup”,  a quick hot meal that will give great health benefits. Soup is an important dish of every meal. Eat nothing but a soup  as meal can help to reduce fats. A bowl of soup provides a good balance of carbohydrates, protein, fats as well as the vitamins and nutrients require to create energy and keep us healthy.

Healthy Soup Recipes

Weight Loss and Carbohydrates – The Real Story!

12072028585_6059a5510d_zImage courtesy of stadtbraut

There can be a lot of confusion on how carbohydrates (carbs) work in the process of weight loss and what effect they have on your body. I thought I would do a little write up on just how they effect the body and what to watch out for when consuming them.

The bottom line is that carbs are needed and they play an essential function to fuel the brain and various important organs like the kidneys. Your digestive system breaks it down into glucose then the pancreas creates insulin to move the glucose from the blood to the cells in your body. Learn how they effect you and make them work for you not against you.

To find out everything there is a full explanation here

I really suggest you know what you’re consuming, it could be the difference between good health, proper weight loss and YES, frustration!!!

Weight Loss and Carbs – No More Confusion