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Back on May 31st 2013 I did my first post on Health Recipes Fitness HRF, and this little baby was born and this was it here: Live A Healthier And Happier Life With These Fitness Hints.

Little did I know that I would be still going. Now look at it. I love to post info about health, recipes and fitness, and as you may see I’m not trying to make a living from the website as I only have Google ads. I truly want to pass on good information to people and hope they get honest genuine tips and tricks. What I’ve decided to do is bring out my new book soon on how YOU, ME, ANYONE can get on the path to fitness and good health, and that it can be an enjoyable experience. I’ll be doing a post here shortly once it’s done and I’ll put an optin box on the right so you can get it for FREE for all my visitors and on my Facebook page for all my followers.

It’s a good honest process on how it can be done, you could even give it to those that think that exercise and fitness and having a happier life through fitness and a healthier lifestyle can’t be done. It might just change their opinion once they read it. Hope you like it and Happy Birthday HRF…well soon to be anyway 🙂 Love your comments and be sure to like my HRF Facebook Page.

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Your Complete Guide To Calories

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The Complete Guide to Calories


I have been looking for something that explains how calories are calculated and how important it is to understand them for you, and I finally found it.

There are so many ways to explain it but this simple and easy way is the best and it will really help you.

Once we know how to calculate the calories that we need and need to stay away from, we know how much we need and what we need to eat.

Here is the link and a cool pic or (infographic) to enjoy…

Your Complete Guide To Calories

Image credit: The Greatist

Healthier Sweet Potato Latkes

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With Chanukah (or Hanukkah- whatever you prefer) right around the corner, we wanted to make sure that those who will be celebrating this year have a healthy alternative to some of the traditional fried foods served. For American Jews this is a very special Hanukkah since Thanksgiving falls on the 2nd day, a phenomenon that won’t occur for about another 70,000 years – give or take.

That being said, this is an appropriate healthier version of the latke that is suitable no matter where you are and regardless of if you are celebrating Thanksgivakkah or not.

Traditional potatoes have been replaced with the nutrient rich sweet potato. You could also use yams. Not much can be done about the whole fried bit, but hey, its a holiday, just drain them as well as you can.


1 lb sweet potatoes, peeled and coarsely grated

2 green onions, finely chopped1/3 cup all-purpose flour (you can use any type of flour here)2 large eggs, lightly beaten1 teaspoon saltnutmeg to taste1/2 teaspoon black pepper3/4 cup vegetable oil or coconut oil 


Stir together potatoes, scallions, flour, eggs, salt, nutmeg and pepper.Heat oil in a deep 12-inch nonstick skillet over moderately high heat until hot. Not smoking, just hot.Spoon 1/8 cup potato mixture for each latke into oil and flatten gently so that they are all about 3 inches in diameter. Reduce heat to medium and cook until golden, which should be around 2-3 minutes for each side. When golden brown, remove from skillet and drain on paper towels.

Makes about 24 Latkes

Serve with Applesauce, cranberry sauce, sour cream and chives or a little bit of maple syrup.


Image: Sarah and Jason





How You Can Make Vitamin Water

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vitamin water



There are recipes and tips and videos and how to’s and even e Books you can buy and download that will teach you the secret and mystical way to make vitamin and flavored waters.

It isn’t hard, there is not big grand secret. In fact, most people have already done this at one time or another.



Just plain old water or whatever kind of water you want to use.


Any type you happen to like. You can use fresh or even frozen will do just fine.


Herbs are an amazing way to add a little something extra, but they do need to be fresh.

Put your ingredient together, let steep for however long it takes (that will depend on whatever it was you are using as flavoring). Then drink.

Now the real trick is knowing what to put in your water to produce the results that you want.

If you are looking for a pick-me-up in the middle of the afternoon, then you want something that has some stimulating properties.

So maybe a fruit and an herb from the mint family. Like lemon and mint or Pineapple and basil. Something to replenish you after a workout? Then you may want something with a little more substance, like fruit, ginger and honey.

If you know how to get the most out of your fruit or the herb you are using, you will have mastered the art of flavoring your water. Fruits are easy, just cut up and put in the water. Herbs on the other hand will need to be smashed with a spoon or chopped to release the flavors.

Make up your own combinations and enjoy!

Image: D. Sharon Pruitt



Healthy One-Dish Dinners

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Healthy One-Dish Dinners

When it comes to dinners in a hurry, they usually aren’t all that healthy.

So here is a solution, 4 mouth-watering meals that you can make in minutes.

Healthy, Fast, Fabulous!

Here is the link…

 Healthy One-Dish Dinners