Top 10 Tips to Prevent Fitness Fail

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10 Tricks for Keeping yourself on the right track

Be Realistic with Health and fitness
The need to shed pounds, look great and get in shape, can easily keep guys in craze of exercise. Having to pay big bucks for over-priced equipment just to watch it collect dust when you run out of motivation is all too common.
The Fix- don’t set unrealistic goals and unreachable targets.

Be Honest

Take an honest look at yourself and how active you really are. No one wants to admit that the closest they get to working out is watching the dog chase its tail. Be honest with what you actually do now.

Make Small Changes

Even the smallest of changes will add up. You won’t see overnight results, but in time, if you are honest with yourself and you put in an honest effort, you will see changes. Start small. Maybe do 10 lunges while watching TV. Walk around the neighborhood after dinner. Small adds up.

Make fitness and exercise a part of your normal routine. Instead of taking the elevator, take the stairs. Instead of parking as close as possible, park as far away as possible. Take a break at work and do 10 pushups or 10 jumping jacks. In the end, it all adds up. Still feel like you must spend money on something? buy a pedometer to track your progress. 10,000 steps a day is the minimum amount a person should walk a day. Check your ‘normal’ amount of steps, then challenge yourself to walk more every day.

Get other People involved.
Get someone to workout with you. Take your dog for extra walks. Have a partner or spouse? Try couples yoga. Go bike riding as a family. Just Move! Get a pedometer for everyone in your house and make it a competition.

Forget about your mother telling you to sit still- Fidget. Wiggle, bounce in your set, be-bop to music at your desk just move. People who wiggle, fidget or just plain don’t sit still are constantly burning calories. If you sit still guess how many calories you burn? None- Zero- Zilch.

Move More
Yes, you could sit down for your entire lunch break, or you could move. Many men say they don’t do anything because they are tired. Moving more, fixes this. The more you move, the better you feel, which leads you to wanting to move even more.
Easy. It may take a little effort to begin with but all you need to do is start.

Make it Fun
Less active individuals usually see conventional exercising boring and with little purpose. Fix this by connecting motion with a positive end result. Like maybe a game of football with friends or a walk through a park.

Have a break
This means a workout break. It could be a good way of trying out fresh strategies and may help kick-start physical fitness or simply rejuvenate you.

Put the Donut down!
Avoid using increased exercise as an excuse to load up on junk food or to overeat. You aren’t going to waste away, just because you are working out doesn’t mean you need to eat more. However you should drink more water or fruit juice NOT more coffee or soda, eat more fruit and vegetable, experiment with good foods you may have previously overlooked or never even thought about. It’s not hard or complex and it will support all your other efforts.

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All Natural Sleep Remedies

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Searching for all-natural sleep home treatment options? Or perhaps, prescription free sleep aids?

Would you like to have a good night’s sleep?

Well, you have arrived at just the right place! Essential oils can help you unwind before you head off to bed, get a great night’s sleep as well as reduce and sometimes stop loud snoring!

So, what are best oils for calming the mind and improving sleep cycles?

Below are the top Essential oils for improving your sleep, but they have to be a top quality, therapeutic grade essential oil (a great brand is Young Living Essential Oils)

• Lavender Essential Oil
• Valerian Essential Oil
• Vetiver Essential Oil
• Roman Chamomile Essential Oil
• Sandalwood Essential Oil
• Marjoram Essential Oil

Here are some other oil tips to fall asleep with:

• Take a relaxing bath before bed with Epsom salts and your favorite calming oil
• Place several drops of oil on your feet or your palms
• Diffuse oil throughout the room


Image: RelaxingMusic 









Image: RelaxingMusic 

The Best Way to Free Your Hands of Garlic Odors

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Photo by James Ransom

There is a time and a place for garlic and its heady aroma — that place is not on your hands.

Garlic enhances just about every type of dish we can think of.

Less desirable? The raw garlic aroma that lingers on your fingertips no matter how many times you wash them. So how about some clove-r tips to get rid of the smell?

What do you think is the best way to remove the smell of garlic from your hands? Add your two cents to the question over on Facebook here or continue the conversation in the comments below! 

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The Best Way to Free Your Hands of Garlic Odors

Image:James Ransom 


Outsmarting Your Family History

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If your family tree is full of broken hearts, you may worry that there’s a space for you on the next rickety branch.

After all, one to five percent of people younger than 65 who have a heart attack are more likely to have inherited a susceptibility to heart disease.

In fact, researchers believe at least two dozen gene regions are involved in cardiovascular disease.

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Outsmarting Your Family History